When visiting Cape Town, it is often customary for people to tour the different attractions and locations with Cape Town tour packages. There are some locations that are wildly popular with tourists, such as the V&A Waterfront, Table Mountain, and Robben Island. And while these are all equally stunning parts of Cape Town Tourism, the Garden Route is an often overlooked destination that is ideal for the more adventurous at heart. 

If you are interested in Cape Town tours and transfers you should do some research into exploring the Garden Route. There are several attractions along the Garden Route, including the Bartolomeu Dias Complex, the Cango Caves, and the Knysna Forest. If you would like to explore the untouched beauty of the Garden Route, keep reading for some of our top things to see and do along the way. 


Bartolomeu Dias Museum


The Bartolomeu Dias Museum was opened in 1989 and is a maritime museum that celebrates Bartolomeu Dias, the man who first found Mossel Bay (or “Aguada de São Bras” (watering-place of Saint Blaize) ) as it was first named by the intrepid adventurer. The museum is full of unique and interesting artefacts and some of the buildings date back to 1830. 

On the grounds of the museum, you will find a stunning array of flowers and wildlife, including tortoises, ducks, and even a museum cat. There is a souvenir store which you can purchase unique souvenirs from. In the Granary, you will find a truly fascinating display of plants and flowers that are found growing in Mossel Bay, and there is also a shell museum showcasing the different shells found nearby. 


The Cango Caves


The Cango Caves is an experience like no other and is especially exciting for the more adventurous at heart. There are several Cape Town tours and transfers that can take you to this historic destination, so be sure to pencil it into your itinerary. These caves were first inhabited by bushmen, who left behind stunning rock paintings centuries ago. 

You can choose between a Heritage Tour or an Adventure Tour, depending on the experience you would like. Both tours will allow you to explore a series of chambers within the caves, with impressive stalagmites and stalactites that are lit up by spectacular lighting to enhance their eerie beauty. There are occasional concerts hosted in the Van Zyl Hall due to its perfect acoustics, but these must be booked ahead of time. 


Visiting Ostrich Farms


There is something quite charming about seeing a flurry of ostriches running across a field, and where better to see this than at an Ostrich farm in Oudtshoorn? Part of your Cape Town tour packages for the Garden Route will include this stop off, allowing you to experience the beauty and uniqueness of ostriches in up close and personal. 

There are educational tours where visitors can learn more about ostriches and ostrich breeding, as well as the chance to stand on top of an ostrich egg to test your strength. Learning more about these quintessential South African birds will allow you to have both a fun holiday experience as well as an educational time out with your family or friends. The farms are quite busy during the peak seasons, so be sure to book a tour in advance. 


The Knysna Forest


No Garden Route tour is complete without seeing the stunning scenery of the Knysna Forest

In these lush surrounds, you will find a wide array of hiking and walking trails for those who enjoy exploring, as well as plenty of shady spots for sitting and relaxing with your family. Many generations ago, elephants silently roamed this forest and these paths can still be seen today. 

You will find ancient yellowwood trees (some up to 800 years old) in this forest, as well as the pink-flowered Cape chestnut tree. There are also numerous animals, birds, and interesting insects to be spotted in the forest. Be sure to pack sunscreen, a hat, plenty of water, as well as snacks in recyclable containers when walking through the forest, as the weather can become very hot during summer months. Be sure to take all litter with you when you leave. 


Soak Up The Scenery


The Garden Route is a Cape Town tour that is geared towards those who prefer the untouched splendour of nature, allowing them to experience the gorgeous scenery of South Africa without the hustle and bustle of other tourists. However, it is important to book tickets to some of these attractions as they can become busy during certain seasons of the year. 

From exploring an old maritime museum to hiking through an ancient forest, you are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do and see on the Garden Route. If you would like to book a Cape Town transfer or tour, contact Kaydre Transfers And Tours today to find out more about our packages.